The Best Canadian Universities For International Students

Planning to study in Canada but not sure where? Read on to learn about the best Canadian universities for international students.

Canada has a highly respected educational system. Students from all over the world often choose Canada for educational migration. The country has plenty of schools and universities to cover everyone’s needs and preferences.

In fact, Canada has some of the highest total numbers of schools in top world universities rankings. Many Canadian cities are ranked among the best places to live in the world. The high standard of living, social services, safety for college students, and cost of living also play a role in why students are so eager to come here.

That said, the remaining question is finding the right city and the best university for international students.

With so many universities spread around different cities, finding the university that suits you based on the courses offered, fees and scholarships available can be daunting.

To help you, we have compiled a list of the best universities for international students in Canada.

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The Best Canadian Universities For International Students

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is Canada’s largest and most famous university. It is so large that it has campi in three neighboring cities, including Scarborough and Mississauga. The university offers programs in all major fields and disciplines.

It also has the most multicultural student base, just like Toronto itself, due to its size and popularity worldwide.

The campus of the University of Toronto, one of the best Canadian universities for international students

As a result, numerous international students are free to create inclusive and welcoming environments where they can prosper and find support and security.

Students can find many organizations, services, and events, including extracurricular activities and student clubs aimed at international students.

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In fact, there may be so many activities you won’t be able to find time for studying! Its world-class infrastructure includes several libraries, recreational areas, restaurants and sports areas.

McGill University

McGill University is one of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious educational institutions and mainly specializes in arts, sciences, engineering, medicine, and management.

The university constantly attracts top scholars worldwide due to its scientific reputation.

While the university is located in Montreal, Quebec, a French-speaking province, McGill University is an English-language institution and all lessons are in English.

That’s one more reason it’s perfect for international students, who won’t necessarily have to master another language.

Many international students also choose the university purely for their interest in living in Montreal, since it’s considered one of the best places to live in Canada.

The building of the Faculty of Engineering at McGill University, in Montreal

For those interested in visiting Montreal for a few days, this itinerary is a good resource to help you get around and make the most of your time in town.

The city is a good choice for international students and is one of Canada’s largest yet safest cities.

Overall, with its bilingual environment and vibrant city life, McGill offers a unique cultural experience for international students in Canada.

University of British Columbia (UBC)

UBC is always consistent in its high-ranked positions among the best universities in the world. In fact, the university has everything any modern school should have to ensure high-quality education.

The school is particularly known for its sciences, engineering, arts, and business programs, strong academic reputation, diverse community, and beautiful campuses.

The University of British Columbia’s Vancouver base is one of the reasons for its popularity among foreign students.

Its stunning natural environment and great architecture inspire students and help them feel at home. Plus, students enjoy their lives in Vancouver with its vibrant city life and endless leisure, cultural, and work opportunities.

Whistler, Victoria Island and other popular destinations among tourists are just a few miles away and can make for awesome days out on the weekends and holiday time.

McMaster University

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, McMaster University is worldwide famous for its health sciences programs, particularly in medicine, nursing, and health sciences research.

The institution demands academic excellence and dedication, as one would expect. International students can always benefit from the world-class libraries and online resources offered by the university.

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McMaster is known for having a teaching approach based on problem-solving, where students actively solve real-world issues.

The university provides strong research opportunities, cooperation programs, and a supportive community for international students.

The University of Montreal

The University of Montreal in Quebec is a leading French-language university in Canada, so in order to be admitted, you must already have a good command of the language.

It offers arts, sciences, social sciences, health sciences, engineering, law, and business programs, among many others.

The university also strives to foster collaboration and interdisciplinary cooperation. Students can enjoy several research centers, academic libraries, laboratories, and other facilities on campus.


However, many students choose Montreal University for the city itself. It is a popular student destination with a vibrant art and cultural scene.

The institution takes pride in its multicultural environment. It welcomes international students and provides various activities, services, and other inclusive experiences to help them feel at home.

It’s important to remember that, while Montreal University is primarily a French-speaking university, there are also a few programs taught in  English.

University of Calgary

The University of Calgary, in Alberta, is a highly competitive, research-inclined institution. Only 20% of applicants get enrolled in Calgary educational programs.

However, their efforts will be paid off as the institution provides great learning and research opportunities in various fields, including engineering, business, arts, social sciences, and health sciences.

The university also focuses on post-university assistance, offering alumni its strong industry connections and providing former students with numerous internships, cooperation programs, and research opportunities.

Overall, the university prioritizes a sense of entrepreneurship and innovation in its students by creating a supportive learning environment, empowering them to cooperate and think ahead of time.

Unlike the other cities on this list, Calgary is more compact but still offers many things to do, including plenty of free attractions, something that is always good for students.

University of Alberta

Not so far from Calgary, there is another great Canadian university for international students. The University of Alberta’s primary focus lies in the fields of science, engineering, health sciences, and business.

The institution receives high praise for its input in academic discovery and rare research opportunities for students.

The university is quite popular among international students. It is easy to spot by simply roaming around the campus.

The University of Alberta has some of the region’s most diverse and multicultural campus communities. As a result, it provides extensive support services for international students, including English language programs, cultural integration initiatives, and mentorship programs.

Top Universities For International Students in Canada: Conclusion

There are many factors to consider when choosing a university, that go beyond its reputation and rankings. Paying attention to the region and location, for example.

Living in a big multicultural city or a small college town makes a big difference. The facilities available on campus and support services should play a role in your decision-making process.

After all, students who want to study abroad require additional assistance in getting transitioned into a new culture, lifestyle, and new level of independence.

Students will spend from one to several years in a new university, which will eventually become the most significant place not only for their education but personal development.

So use this list as a guide, but set your priorities first. Define your needs and expectations when choosing your university in Canada.



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