3-Day Tulum itinerary: a complete guide

On the Tulum Beach Road, just in front of Lolita Lolita boutique, a sign reads “Follow That Dream.“ Not only is it one of the most instagrammable signs to feature on your account, letting your followers know you’re on vacation. It’s a promise that, if you follow the palm-lined road, you will find, at its end, a bewitching and dreamlike Land of Oz. This complete 3-day Tulum itinerary will also show how to follow that dream.

The town of Tulum is an authentic slice of heaven, located on the Riviera Maya coast, in the state of Quintana Roo, where you can find beautiful places like Cancun with its all-inclusive resorts and Holbox Island.

With its boho-chic vibe, white-sand beaches, historic ruins, and crystal clear cenote water, the Pueblo Magico (magic town) of Tulum is a must-experience vacation destination.

Tulum is only 45m-1h away from Playa del Carmen, a popular tourist area with some of the best beaches on the Riviera Maya. It’s pretty possible to see the main attractions in a day, but since there are so many things to see and do in Tulum, we suggest you stay a little bit longer and fully enjoy all that the city has to offer.

This Tulum itinerary has our suggestions on how to spend a short vacation in this part of the Yucatan Peninsula.

3-Day Tulum Itinerary: Day 1

The Mayan ruins of Tulum are considered one of the region’s most popular archeological zones, given their unique location across from the Caribbean Sea, which makes the view from up the hill utterly beautiful and breathtaking.

El Castillo, also known as the castle, is one of the main buildings of the Tulum archaeological site. It served as a lighthouse, with a shrine at the top doubling as a beacon to lead canoes to the beach landing.

The entry fee is around 80 pesos, and you can hire a guide to walk you through the site, but there are signs in both English and Spanish if you prefer otherwise.

The archaeological site is a must in your Tulum itinerary

Tourists are encouraged to make their way down to the ruins’ beach to test the temperature of the Caribbean Sea. It is a great way to cool off on a hot, warm summer day. Not to mention what an extraordinary experience it is to swim out on the beach and see the ruins from the water.

Of course, no trip to Tulum is complete without visiting the cenotes. Hidden in the Yucatan jungle, these underwater passageways were once considered to communicate with the underworld.

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Swimming in the crystalline waters of the Yucatan cenotes is a not-to-be-missed activity for families with kids and both beginner and expert divers alike.

Swimming or diving in cenotes is one of the top things to do in Tulum in 3 days

Tulum Itinerary: Day 2

After a first day spent relaxing on the beach exploring the town’s history, a bicycle ride under the sun is just what you need. The agreeable weather and the somewhat flat routes make it ideal to cycle through town, its surroundings, and the beach.

However, make sure to pack some sunscreen and a floppy hat because the heat will definitely catch you off guard, especially during the summer.

After all that paddling, you must’ve gotten quite hungry!

Fret not! Tulum has an assortment of fantastic restaurants to pick from, like the 5-star top-shelf cuisine and cocktails of El Gourmet, where you can indulge yourself in healthy salads, wonderful fresh juices, and delicious breakfast sandwiches.

Now, with a full stomach, you’re ready to get your fiesta on!

Batey Mojito and Guarapo bar are famous for their great live music, cozy feel, and amazing mojitos. With jazzy art decorating its walls and the little mojito Beetle parked at the front, the bar is the perfect place to create some unforgettable memories.

3 Days in Tulum: Last Day

Just when you thought Tulum couldn’t possibly have more amazing things to offer, you hear someone mention Le Temazcal at the front desk of your hotel, and your curiosity is piqued.

From Nahuatl, “teltmazitlicallli,” meaning house of hot stones, Temazcal, Mexican Sweat Lodge, is a purifying physical and spiritual experience. It’s basically a sauna with medicinal herbs settled inside a stone meant to help the body detoxify by perspiration.

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Spending time on the beach is one of the top things to do in Tulum in your 3 day

Many places in Tulum offer this unique experience, the best of which is the Delek Tulum Hotel. A great place to stay in the ruins’ beach: with rooms surrounded by palm trees giving a spectacular view of the beach, and great accommodations and excellent service.

There, you have the best of both worlds; you’re part of nature all around you while still basking in your comfort. Furthermore, you can find various online accommodation platforms for Tulum luxury rentals such as WIMCO.

Another one of Tulum’s most noticeable sites is Tulum Tower and Bar. This unique Mexican aero bar sits 118ft above the ground, offering exotic fruit cocktails and an amazing view of the sunset to its daring and adventure-loving guests.

With a rich culture that harbors more than one nationality, it’s not uncanny for Tulum to have incredible art-related sites to explore. The Tulum Art Club, for example, is singlehandedly working towards making Tulum an art destination and taking that on as their sole mission.

Not only do they offer artists residency programs, but they organize intimate experiences & cultural day trips through some of the region’s hidden gems as well.

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3-Day Tulum Itinerary: Conclusion

And so, you can explore the ancient history of Tulum in 3 days, experiencing the vibrant and fresh Mexican cuisine, and indulge in the town’s rich culture.

Keep this three-day Tulum itinerary bookmarked and your vacation could easily be summed up in three words: culture, food, and art. That will make it your own “eat, pray and love” trip.


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