Best Places To Visit In Ukraine: Itinerary For One Week


Ukraine is an incredible country with stunning architecture, various wonders and attractions, global heritage UNESCO sites, and interesting history. The people of Ukraine have maintained their traditions over the years. If you are planning to visit the country for the first time, there are many places to visit in Ukraine that you shouldn’t miss.  This one-week Ukraine itinerary will come in handy to make your trip worthwhile, showing you the best attractions and things to do.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Ukraine?

The best time to visit Ukraine is in the summertime between May and June and in September. During that time, sightseeing areas are less crowded, temperatures are pleasant, and fewer vacationers are crowding the black sea beaches and resorts in Odesa. The spring blossom around the Carpathians during April and May makes the season ideal but it can get chilly at night.

Holidaymakers who can endure the thunderstorms, humidity, and heat between July and August will enjoy sightseeing in the city. Then, the cities are less crowded because many Ukrainians head to the coast or escape to their cottages in the countryside.

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Winters are very cold and the sheer amount of snow makes the country a real winter wonderland. If you don’t mind the low temperatures, it is the best time to visit Ukraine if you want to avoid the tourist crowds.

Worth mentioning is that we are living in the pandemic days and different countries have regulations in place to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. Ask yourself; what covid test is required for travel to Ukraine? Make sure you meet all the laid down regulations before embarking on your trip.

How To Get Around In Ukraine

Public transport is efficient and cheap, making getting around Ukraine easy and painless. However, during summer it can be overly crowded. While trains are slow, they are cheaper, especially if you are going to use the traditional overnight services. The new express trains that often travel by day connect Kyiv with some of the biggest cities in Ukraine.

You can access the Ukrainian Railway’s online timetable and book your tickets. Buses in major Ukrainian cities, such as Kyiv, Lviv, or Kharkiv, close to Russia, have regular services and are quite cheap. But sometimes they are overly packed which can be uncomfortable during summer.

Buses are ideal for short trips. If you are seeking convenience then domestic flights will come in handy. Are you looking for a more adventurous method of navigating Ukrainian cities? Consider using a bicycle but remember to keep to the road’s edge and be careful of crazy drivers. Many larger cities have cycling paths in the city center.

The Best Places To Visit In Ukraine

This one-week Ukraine itinerary will show you some of the most awe-inspiring areas in the country.

Days 1 & 2: Explore Kyiv

The capital city is one of the best places to visit in Ukraine, making it the ideal place to start your Ukraine itinerary. Kyiv is an old city in Eastern Europe that was established in the fifth century. The city played a huge role along trading routes between west and east. Kyiv was the capital of the Kyiv Empire in the ninth century.

When visiting Ukraine for the first time consider exploring the country from the capital city. Kyiv is ideal for numerous activities like shopping, walking, dining, and enjoying wine in excellent restaurants. You can visit historical museums or sample the street food culture within the locality.

One of the top attractions in Kyiv, Lavra Monastery is also one of the best places to visit in Ukraine

If you love sightseeing the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Monastery and the caves surrounding it are a must-visit. While in Kyiv you can find accommodation from rented apartments or hotels along the Podil area close to Maidan Nezalezhnosty.

Comparing different prices for hotels in the city is crucial if you are looking for cost-friendly options. There are numerous things to do and see in Kyiv and you will need more than one day to make the most out of your exploration efforts.

Day 3: Chernobyl, A Must In Your Ukraine Itinerary

Chernobyl is one of the top attractions in Ukraine. The from Kyiv is one of the interesting activities that’s unavailable as a self-led tour due to the site’s history and safety precautions involved. Many travel firms offer one to two-day excursions to Chernobyl.

Chernobyl is one of the top Ukraine attractions

While in Chernobyl you can explore exhibition halls, religious sites, parks, historical sites, and go on sightseeing tours. At the end of your trip, you can either go back to Kyiv or proceed to Lviv. A road trip to the western capital will take up to 7 hours.

Days 4 & 5: Lviv, One Of The Best Cities In Ukraine

Lviv is an authentic yet mysterious and attractive city in Ukraine. Located around 80km from the Polish border, it is one of the best places to visit in Ukraine. If you are visiting the country overland from Poland, Lviv would be the first stop in your Ukraine itinerary.

The city boasts ancient churches of varying confessions, a rich history, unique dining, and wine experiences, and irresistible museums. It is considered one of the best cities in Ukraine to live and to visit.

Lviv is one of the best cities in Ukraine to visit and to live

When visiting Ukraine for the first time do not miss out on the exceptional underground walking tours. You will need more than one day to enjoy the city of Lviv. While here, you can stay in rented apartments along Ploscha Rynok Square.

Remember, many of the streets in Lviv are strictly structured for pedestrians. If you are carrying lots of luggage you will need to plan ahead.

Day 6: Check Out The Carpathian Mountains

The scenic Carpathian Mountains are massive and run across Zakarpattya and Prykarpattia regions. To get the best out of your exploration of the mountains, head to Slavske, a village located in the mountains.

You can either ride a cable car or go hiking in Zekhar Berkut, one of the highest peaks. For a more adventurous experience, you could opt for a longer trip option. Mount Hoverla, which is also the core of the Carpathians is a day trip from Lviv.

Many visitors and locals look forward to summiting the mountains at least once in their lifetime. If you are not an early riser consider traveling to the mountains the day before and spent the night in any of the local villages.

Take a guided tour to Hoverla inclusive of transportation to save time and enjoy breathtaking views instead of negotiating with the locals and determining the right buses or even the ideal starting location for the hiking trip.

Summiting will take you up to three hours. If going hiking in the mountains is not your cup of tea consider going on a day trip to Zhovka and Krekhiv Monastery from Lviv. You can take a trip to Pochaiv Larva or explore  

Day 7: Explore The Olesko Castle

On your way back to Kyiv from Lviv make a stopover at the Olesko Castle. You will get a chance to explore a historical fortress that is easily visible and accessible from the highway. Opt for a guided tour in the castle and sit down for a quick lunch at the nearby restaurant. You can even explore the Zolochiv and Pidhirsty castles and travel via the overnight train back to Kyiv.

The Best Places To Visit In Ukraine: Conclusion

Ukraine is home to numerous interesting sights and activities that first-time visitors will enjoy seeing and participating in. The country is calm, serene, and safe for travelers.

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