How To Get From Belgrade Airport To The City Center 2023

If you want to find out how to get from Belgrade Airport to the city center, here you’ll learn it all. See all transport options to transfer from Nikola Tesla to Downtown Belgrade.

Belgrade is considered by many as the most vibrant city in the Balkans region. The capital of Serbia and of the former Yugoslavia is lively and attracts a fair number of tourists all year round, but it is during summer that people can really see the city in its full glory: locals and tourists fill the streetside cafes, the restaurants, and the riverside discos. If you are traveling to Belgrade to see all this for yourself, carry on reading and I will tell you how to get from Belgrade airport to the city center.

About Belgrade International Airport

Belgrade International Airport or Nikola Tesla Airport, is located around 19km from the city center. It is a small airport, and as you land, you can use the free wifi, which works everywhere in the building. After immigration, you will go down the escalators to the baggage claim area, and after that, you will go through the gates to the arrivals hall.

There are a couple of small cafes at the airport, on the upper floor (departures area). During the pandemic, most of the facilities in the arrivals hall are closed.

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Transport From Sofia Airport To The City Center

Money Exchange and ATMs at Belgrade Airport

There are ATMs at Belgrade airport, most of which are located on the upper floor from the arrivals hall. On your left, you will see the escalators. Some of the ATMs at Nikola Tesla Airport offer USD, euros Serbian dinars. But as you would expect, most of them only offer local currency. Sorry, guys, I didn’t note down from which bank I got euros.

If you don’t want to use an ATM at Belgrade Airport, you can change money there. Having said that, I highly recommend you don’t, since the rates are very unfavorable. If you really must, just change as little as possible. Money exchange in Belgrade city center is easy, as there are offices pretty much everywhere, especially around Knex Mikhailova street, the city’s main pedestrian street. Also, money exchange offices in Belgrade city center have a very good rate overall, especially if compared to the airport.

How To Get From Belgrade Airport To The City Center

When planning how to get from Belgrade airport to the city center, one of the main things you may want to consider is price and convenience. Public transport from Belgrade airport to the city is very affordable, while taxis are not so much. Especially because they are not regulated and you could well be in your driver’s hands.

The choice of economy transfer from Belgrade airport to the city is limited during the pandemic. This is especially true if you arrive late at night or in the early hours. I will be updating this as soon as all airport transport services resume. But for now, here is how to get from Belgrade airport to the city center.

Belgrade Airport Taxi

As soon as you get to the arrivals hall, you will see a crowd, as you do at many airports. Many of these people are taxi drivers offering their services. Having the choice, taking an airport taxi anywhere in the world is a big no-no for me. And for the Belgrade airport taxi, I have the same attitude.

Despite this, I must say that they are not pushy, overall. On all my trips there, many of them offered to take me to the city, but I just declined once, and they didn’t insist.

Belgrade Airport Transfer

To save me time and to avoid the hassle, I took a Belgrade airport transfer to the city. It is not the cheapest way to travel to the city center, but it is very convenient. I booked my transfer online on this website. if you prefer, you can also speak to your hotel and they can usually arrange that at a fee. The more high-end your hotel, the more it will cost. I also used this company a number of times all over the world and I’m happy with the way they work.

You won’t have to look for taxi drivers and you will know the fare at the time of booking. This also means you won’t have to exchange money at Belgrade airport, or use an ATM. You will just book online, and the driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals hall with a sign with your name. On many occasions, the driver contacted me on Whatsapp, confirming their name and where exactly they would be standing.

Economy Belgrade Airport transfer to the city center: from 33USD in a Toyota Corolla or similar.

Comfort Transfer to the city: from 35USD for up to four people and three bags in a VW Passat or similar car.

Bus From Belgrade Airport To The City Center

Taking a bus is the cheapest way from Belgrade Airport to the city center. There are two different buses:

A1 Bus From Belgrade Airport To The City

This bus departs from outside the arrivals hall. There will be a few taxi drivers next to it, some of them may even tell you that the buses are not running.


Bus 72 From Belgrade Airport To The City

This is the only bus running from Belgrade Airport to the city center. It stops from the upper floor, where the departures hall is. As you leave the departures hall, walk left for about 50 meters and you will see the bus stop.

The bus runs roughly every 30 minutes, starting at 4:30am to 11:50pm. If you are going to the Old Town (Stari Grad), you should get off at Brankov Most (the bridge the crosses Sava River). The journey from Belgrade Airport to the city center (Brankov Bridge) will take around 55 minutes.

The fare is 89 dinars, around 90 cents of USD (0.90USD). As you get on the bus, just pay the driver. Please note that they only accept Serbian dinars, in which case you should have got money at the airport in small notes. ill need to get money at the airport and get a transport card

Accommodation In Belgrade

There is a wide range of accommodation in Belgrade, I recommend staying somewhere in the city center around the Old Town (Stari Grad), for the obvious convenience of being close to restaurants, cafes and tourist attractions. Here are my top 3 picks, each in a different category – comfort, mid-range and budget accommodation.

Mama Shelter Belgrade

Located on the main pedestrian street (Knez Mikhailova), Mama Shelter Belgrade is close to all the city’s main attractions, Republic Square and Kalemegdan Fortress. It is also a short walk from the riverside cafes and discos. It is a modern, trendy hotel with rooms that vary from tiny to larger rooms with a terrace.

Check prices and availability on

Hotel Bohemian Garni – Skadarlija

Another Belgrade Old Town hotel, located a short walk from Republic Square and close to the National Museum and other major attractions. The hotel is also modern, with spacious rooms, some of which have a spa bath and has very affordable prices. It is rated 8.7/10 by customers.

Check rates and availability on

Good People Design Hostel

This hostel is also located in Belgrade Old Town, close to the pedestrian street, Student’s Park,  and public transport. Good People Design Hostel offers private rooms and dorms, a communal kitchen, and a garden. It is rated 9.2/10 by customers.

Check rates and availability on

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