Top Casinos in Nevada To Have a Great Time

Find out the top Nevada casinos, where you can find a comprehensive range of entertainment options including luxury accommodation, fine dining, world-class shows, as well as gambling.

It’s no secret that Nevada gambling tourism is in bloom, especially now that the world is back to normal and restrictions on social gatherings have finally been abolished.

Determining the most popular casinos in Nevada can be quite challenging, given there are more than 340 of them. While Vegas gets all the credit, places such as Reno also attract tourists from many parts of the US looking for places to try their luck.

We’ve hand-picked three of them to help you in your search and outlined their appeal. We’ve also developed a great resource you can study to discover other Nevada gambling destinations.

Las Vegas boasts the best Nevada casinos and resorts

Nevada Casinos on a Map

Nevada is the home of Las Vegas, the gaming mecca of this world. However, gambling in Nevada is not limited to the mainstream areas. You can check out more Nevada casinos at, where you will find popular casinos on the Nevada map.

Ensure that none of these escape your radar, as hidden jewels may have eluded your grasp for all these years.

Most casinos and hotels in Vegas are located on the Strip, just a short drive from the airport. So getting from Harry Reid Airport to the Strip is quite easy.

In case you’re looking for specific recommendations, the following is a must-visit.

The Top Casinos in Nevada

MGM Grand

Not only is MGM Grand one of the most popular casinos in Nevada, but it’s also the epitome of luxury, glamour, and first-class facilities.

Here, entertainment options are aplenty, and you won’t struggle to find a place to stay or keep your stomach fed. After all, it hasn’t received AAA Five-Diamond and Forbes Five-Star ratings for nothing!

Let’s delve into the specifics. Whether a beginner or a seasoned pro, MGM Grand boasts an impressive selection of games, ranging from slots to craps, roulette, racetracks, blackjack, and poker in all the possible variants.

To taste that magic and see what it’s like before you visit, you can try your luck at one of their live tables.

MGM Grand rewards its players for expressing loyalty through discounts on concert tickets and hotel stays, and may even be willing to foot your restaurant bill.

It also has partnerships with other companies in the travel and transport industry, so you can net yourself a nice discount when booking an airplane ticket or rental car through them. The main thing, however, is its VIP program, through which you can earn redeemable loyalty points.

The Strip, home to Nevada’s top casinos

If you need to take a breather from all the action, you can relax at one of the establishment’s indoor and outdoor pools. For those with an active lifestyle, there’s even a gym.

You’ll find concerts, comedies, and live shows in the live entertainment venues. Plus, the nightclub and golf center can easily be placed among the region’s top 10 golf courses.

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The Venetian

The Venetian is a first-class Nevada gambling establishment, so finding budget-fitting accommodation options will be slightly harder. Nevertheless, its sheer selection of games more than makes up for it, and there is even a penny slot machine section on the ground floor if that’s what you’re after.

There are over 225 table games, including poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat (even in the mini variant).

For those trying out gambling in Nevada for the first time, the establishment organizes complimentary gaming lessons, and it’s always easier to get your feet wet when you have someone to guide you.

To reel in new players, there are plenty of active promotions at The Venetian at any given time, so check out if you’re eligible for a discount you can apply on your next hotel booking, for example.

Its VIP program counts everything you do and converts it to VIP points you can exchange for freebies and discounts. That goes beyond games – money spent at restaurants, hotels, and even retail stores counts. Here, you will not find a shortage of luxury amenities, including the five-star all-suite hotel.

The gondolas at The Venetian

Don’t forget to relax at the outdoor pool and spa area and visit the lounge for socializing and fun. You will also find a replica of Venice, the famous Italian tourist destination.

Perhaps you’ll even learn how to say thank you in Italian! For the culturally inclined, there’s even a museum; if you’re into sports, there are rock climbing walls you can challenge yourself to climb.


Ever since its grand debut in 2010, Cosmopolitan has remained one of the most popular casinos in Nevada.

Many factors have contributed to that, including hotel rooms fit for royalty, extravagant entertainment options, and a huge variety of 1300 slots to choose from, not to mention its convenient location that’s within a short few miles from the airport. It has everything!

Let’s start with the games themselves. There’s anything from reel slots, baccarat tables, craps, roulette, live dealer tables, progressive jackpots, and more. You will even find a dedicated high-roller area for those with deep pockets.

If you stay for a while, you can get a nice 20% discount on spa, relaxation, food, and entertainment. As for the VIP program, it’s very much industry-standard, with the addition that every cent you spend on hotel rooms, restaurants, and leisure facilities also counts towards your total points earned, which is a neat little perk.

There is also a sports betting lounge for added variety, high-definition TV screens for your viewing pleasure and a lounge-style seating area.


There are bars, hotel rooms, and the 3200-seat theater that goes by the name of The Chelsea, where people get their fix of drama, comedy, concerts, and live entertainment. Not to mention there’s an outdoor pool if you ever feel like you just want to kick back and relax.

Nevada Casinos: Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of Nevada gambling destinations to explore, and it’s up to you to find the ones best suited to your liking. The three we’ve recommended are a good place to start – have you discovered your favorite one yet?


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