6 Best Places To Live in Turkey If You’re Rich


Knowing where the A-Listers live in Turkey means different things to different people. For the corps d’elite, it indicates where to live, buy, or own property. For the businessman, it is the perfect place to site a business having the wealthy as its target market, and for the realtor, it is the best area to purchase and/or invest in luxury flats for sale in Turkey.

Whatever relevance it has to you, see below a list of the places to live in Turkey, the favourites among the wealthy.

Best Places To Live in Turkey For The Wealthy

The most popular places to live in Turkey, those where rich Turks and expats choose to live


This is the bubbly commercial capital of Turkey. With sites that go back thousands of years, the city has areas relevant to Jewish, Islamic, and Christian genealogy. The city is a port of trade and impressive commercialization.

Not surprisingly, a lot of the rich population choose to live in this bustling city. Contrary to what many believe, Istanbul is a safe city and has a lot to offer.

The richest districts in Istanbul are; Atasehir, Nişantaşı, Besiktas, Uskudar, Bakirkoy, Sariyer, Yenikoy, Arnavutkoy and Kadikoy. If you want to live among the rich, this is where to check.

Arnavutkoy is home to wealthy locals Istanbulites


Ankara is the official capital of Turkey and has been since 1923, shortly after World War I. Moving the capital away from Istanbul meant that new infrastructure had to be built in this part of the country, leading to relatively new constructions and structures.

The area also has impressive history and culture. The most expensive neighbourhoods in Ankara, where you can find the most affluent people are; Cankaya, Gaziosmanpaşa, Beysukent and Oran.


Antalya is one of the fastest-growing cities and one of the best places to live in Turkey. Now nicknamed the country’s tourism capital, most tourists who touch down in the country visit Antalya for its many impressive locations, historical relevance, and beautiful resorts.

There is no end to enjoyment and beaches in Antalya. The rich mostly reside in areas around the Kas District. But with Antalya, there are many other new areas, such as Lara, Konyaalti, and Dedeman.

The seaside town of Kas, near Antalya


Home to the most important and vibrant seaport in Turkey, Izmir is not only the country’s third most populous city, but also the most Westernized. For many, this is the best place to live in Turkey.

With a large Muslim population, like the rest of the country, it feels quite neutral, unlike other crowded areas in Turkey, where you feel at odds without putting on a hijab.

Izmir is a beautiful city with many coastal regions and high levels of seaside/ beachfront properties.

You can find the rich living around Konak, which is the central area of the old city, but the most elite areas of the town are Urla, Alsancak, Bostanlı, Narlıdere, and Çeşme.



Bursa is one of Turkey’s most historically relevant cities and the heart of the Turkish silk market. However, it is as beautiful, greenish, and healthy, as famous. All this combined makes it one of the best cities to live in Turkey.

Bursa also has ancient artistry from the Ottoman and Byzantine eras. You can find both middle-class and wealthy people living in the city, but some areas have higher rich people than others.

The wealthiest live in the Osmangazi district in Bursa. Other areas with high elite populations are Nilüfer and Yıldırım. Very serene, quiet, and beautiful.


When you talk about Bodrum, you mostly talk about the Bodrum Peninsula, rather than the city itself.

Bodrum is home to some of Turkey’s most luxurious hotels and resorts. Needless to say, it also attracts a high number of very rich businesspeople and entrepreneurs, who choose to live in the region.

One of the top places to live in Bodrum is the Yalikavak Marina, the most expensive area for Bodrum’s elite. This location competes as one of the best for the wealthiest Turks and foreigners.

Other Places You Can Find The Rich in Turkey

If you have a particular district or city in mind, be reassured if it is not on this list. In fact, every city in Turkey has a measure of wealthy people, but these classy sets are rarely found in the dense and common areas of town.

In essence, the rich always have their hive in various popular cities, so if your heart chooses a particular city and you want to stay among the rich, research that specific city in mind and the expensive districts there.

Being a country on a development spree, there are many great places to live in Turkey, so you will likely find unique and high-standard estates and areas without stress.



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