5 Ultra-Exclusive Luxury Restaurants Around the World


Gastronomy proves to be a highly profitable industry, as evidenced by the massive annual expenditure in 2022 of over £721.38 billion worldwide on restaurants alone. Some enthusiasts even embark on global journeys just to savour the offerings of a specific dining establishment.

These diners are drawn to the opulent gourmet sanctuaries not only for the cuisine and décor but also for the premium rates they charge. Only the wealthy can afford the luxury of dining at ultra-exclusive restaurants around the world. Of course, those who achieved the big dream of winning the lottery can pay for such luxurious treats.

So, here are five of the priciest and most exclusive luxury restaurants in the world.

Solo Per Due, Vacone (Italy)

An Italian restaurant certainly deserves a spot on the list of the most expensive restaurants worldwide. In addition to the delectable Italian cuisine, it enchants guests with a romantic ambiance, complete with candlelight and gentle background music.

The Italian restaurant, “Solo Per Due,” is the world’s smallest, accommodating only two people, as the Italian name says. It is situated in the village of Sabia, about 70 kilometres from Rome, and tourists from around the globe relish the fresh and regional cuisine here, all in intimate togetherness.

Lovers, in particular, are drawn to this location – insiders suggest that the list of successful marriage proposals here is longer than the waiting list.

That’s saying something since patrons wait several months to secure a table at this restaurant, making it an unlikely spot for a first date. However, guests receive the undivided attention of the staff and can add on extra services, such as fireworks, luxury car rental, or a special floral arrangement.

This exquisite level of romance comes at the cost of approximately £240 per person, excluding wine and champagne. With that price tag, show off your language skills by saying at thank you in Italian!

Kitcho, Kyoto (Japan)

At the Kitcho, artful dishes are presented to patrons. The unique menus require diners to surrender their choice of cuisine to the team led by the three-star chef, who expertly crafts traditional Japanese fare.

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This culinary journey is often described as “out of this world,” introducing gourmands to the refined tradition of Japanese kaiseki, characterized by light bites served at the Japanese tea ceremony.

To avoid any disappointment, the restaurant accommodates guests’ preferences by allowing them to specify which dishes they dislike when making a reservation without additional cost.

However, the rest of the experience comes at a premium. The Kitcho in Kyoto prioritizes culinary heritage, as evidenced by the chef’s meticulous attention to detail, including colour contrasts between the dishes and plates and intricate presentations.

This exceptional standard demands a high price, with the multi-course tea ceremony costing around £440.

The French Laundry, Yountville, Napa Valley (USA)

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In Yountville, land of Californian wine, there exists a French restaurant located in a historic building that once housed a French laundry in the 1920s, from which it derives its name.

Today, it is the home of haute cuisine by a talented chef and his team, who pay meticulous attention to both the taste and aesthetics of their dishes. The restaurant also takes great care to ensure that its food remains free from chemicals, fertilizers, and hormones.

French Laundry has maintained its three Michelin stars since 2007, and with the prices reflecting the gourmet kitchen’s exceptional quality, it is hardly surprising that the menu costs around £295. However, the restaurant’s long-lasting impressions necessitate guests to reserve their seats at least two months in advance.

Aragawa, Tokyo (Japan)

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One of the world’s priciest restaurants, Aragawa, is located in the Shinbashi business district of Tokyo, in the basement of an office building.

This steakhouse has a seating capacity of only 22, leading to a long wait of several months for a reservation. The most sought-after delicacies here are the charcoal-grilled Sanda steak, considered the best Kobe beef globally, and the fresh, daily-smoked salmon.

For the Sanda steak, chefs exclusively use premium cattle, fed specially and given daily massages, living three times longer than their peers. The grilling process involves ten levels of preparation.

For the pure, unadulterated taste of Kobe beef, the chef seasons it only with salt and pepper, without any additional sauces or spices. The menu changes monthly and costs around £270, excluding drinks.

Hotel de Ville, Crissier (Switzerland)

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The Swiss Hôtel de Ville is among the most expensive restaurants, where the Chef and his wife serve exquisite French cuisine.

The restaurant boasts an elegant ambiance overlooking Lake Geneva, and has been awarded three Michelin stars. The chefs’ artistic cooking uses only the finest ingredients without extensive experimentation.

The dishes highlight the natural flavours, with the chef only working with three flavours per dish. In this expensive Swiss restaurant, a 4-course meal costs around £260.

Guests can also enjoy an individual menu tailored to their personal preferences for around £202 instead of ordering à la carte.



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