Top Ways To Experience Peaky Blinders in The UK

Peaky Blinders is a TV phenomenon that has cast its captivated audiences around the world.

The criminal gang with razor blades sewn into their caps might have originated on the streets of Birmingham, UK, but the gangsters are famous throughout the English-speaking world and beyond.

The British period crime drama created by Stephen Knight first hit our screens in 2013. There have been five series, with filming locations all over England.

As well as reintroducing sharp suits (forgive the pun) and flat caps as a fashion statement, Peaky Blinders had a far-reaching cultural impact. The series received critical acclaim.

The official Peaky Blinders slot is also highly praised in online slot reviews for its design and gameplay, and it even has a higher-than-average pay-out – which you might not expect from this bunch of thugs.

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There was supposed to be a sixth series; however, Covid-19 brought production to a hiatus. It was then decided that a full-length feature movie would be produced rather than a sixth series.

This is due for theatrical release in 2024. However, you do not need to wait until then to get some Peaky Blinders action. Visitors to the UK have plenty of choices, from film locations to an immersive live show and a dance tour kicking off this year.

Peaky Blinders Nights – The Black Country Museum

Much of the series was shot at the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley, West Midlands. This is a great living museum to visit, whatever the reason. For true fans of the show, they run Peaky Blinders nights, where you are invited to don your flat cap and stroll around the museum’s streets in the footsteps of this notorious gang.

You can have a pint in The Garrison Pub, eat fish and chips from Hobbs and Sons and join in the raucous nightlife. If you cannot make it for one of these nights, the museum will still transport you to familiar locations whenever you visit.

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Film Locations

You can plot a tour across central and northern England to visit some of the most iconic spots from the cult show:

  • Port Sunlight on The Wirral is the setting for Aunt Polly’s house
  • Arley Hall in Cheshire is the actual location of Thomas Shelby’s sprawling mansion
  • Victoria Baths in Manchester, these former swimming baths on Hathersage Road were the staging for the horse fair where Tommy met May.
  • The Northern Quarter, Manchester, is where many of the street battles were shot.
  • Admiral Grove and Powis Street are actually in Liverpool, even though in the TV show, they are Shelby’s ‘turf’ in Smallheath.
  • Formby Beach, Merseyside, was the setting for the confrontation between Shelby and Solomons in season 4. With sand dunes and beautiful coastal views, it is a great place to visit
  • Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, Yorkshire, is a heritage railway and the location of the train scenes in the show. Head for Haworth and take a scenic ride through the wild moors.

Peaky Blinders: The Plan

Peaky Blinders: The Plan is a fully immersive dramatic experience based at the Camden Garrison, London. You are invited to step inside the world of the Shelbys for a two-hour production.

The beautifully realized scenes of 1920s London include many original pieces from the TV shows.

Welcome to 1921

The experience transports you to London in 1921. Thomas Shelby extends an invitation to you to the family’s Camden warehouse. He has a plan for expansion that could be lucrative for everyone. A fun-packed evening of high-stakes drama and endless possibilities is on offer.

Money in your pocket

Tommy provides you with some cash, and you head off to explore

the live sets and interact with the characters from the show. Or maybe you would rather just sit back and watch the drama unfold? The choice is yours.

Be part of the drama or just a bystander

If you choose to become, part of the drama will find yourself interacting with the characters in competitive gameplay. It is your job to help steer (or derail) the Shelby family in their ambition to take London.

The production includes live action and music. Of course, you can take the experience at your own pace and just soak up the party atmosphere if that is what you prefer.

This immersive experience is produced in association with the TV series creator, Steven Knight.

Peaky Blinders Dance – The Redemption of Thomas Shelby

If you would rather be a spectator, Rambert Dance’s The Redemption of Thomas Shelby is not to be missed when visiting the UK. Following sell-out shows in London and Birmingham, the company are now taking the show on tour.

Written and adapted for the stage by Stephen Knight, The Guardian described it as ‘full of swagger and attitude’. Tour locations include Edinburgh, Cardiff, Northampton, Plymouth, Salford, and Birmingham.

 Rambert who?

Rambert Dance is a touring contemporary dance company based in London’s Southbank. This production has the full permanent company on stage, and a live band plays the music.

Benjamin Zephaniah voices the recorded narration – he played Jeremiah in the TV series. The Redemption of Thomas Shelby is choreographed and directed by Benoit Swan Pouffer, Rambert’s Artistic Director.

All the Peaky classics

The show features specially commissioned music by Roman GianArthur. In addition, there are the Peaky classic tracks.

Watch this stunning and athletic performance to music by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Radiohead, Anna Calvi, The Last Shadow Puppets, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The show is Rambert’s first collaboration of this kind.

The story

This narrative dance dramatic production picks up the story of the Peaker Blinders post World War I. It follows the passionate love affair of Thomas Shelby and Grace Burgess.

However, things are not at all straightforward, as Grace is an agent for Special Branch. Her mission is to get close to the heart of Shelby’s gang. She does so but not in the way intended. This is a captivating story, and many hearts get broken.

As you can see, there are many ways to experience Peaky Blinders in the UK. However, if you do not manage to get to any organized events, do not despair.

A journey to Birmingham and a wander around historic parts of the city and the canal zone is an excellent experience for any Peaky Blinders fan.


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