The Best Gay Bars in Denver, Co

If you’re ready to experience the best gay bars in Denver, you’re in for a real treat. The city is host to some of the most fun and iconic gay bars and clubs, not just in the state of Colorado but in the entire US.

Denver has, throughout American history, seen many significant historical moments. It’s no strange idea then that the city has a deep-running part in the history of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The first Denver gay bar opened in 1939, aptly named ‘The Pit’. This hotspot quickly became the anchor for gay culture in the city. To explore more of the city beyond the gay scene, this post will show you how to spend 3 days in Denver.

Although Denver is famous for several reasons, the bars and clubs in this guide definitely make the list. So, whether you’re looking for a day filled with the best bottomless mimosas in Denver, or a party with a view from Denver’s best rooftop bars, you’re in luck.

Read on and dive into the best gay bars and clubs in the Denver/Aurora area.

Essential Gay Bars in Denver

Head out on the prowl for an epic bar crawl or a laidback watering hole to throw back a few drinks with your friends. Regardless of your goal, these bars keep your glasses filled, your expectations exceeded, and your pride celebrated.


From the outside, this Denver staple proudly flies pride flags in its windows that complement the robust yet trendy stylized bar in the Santa Fe art district. And at its core, this bar highlights exactly what an LGBTQIA+ bar should be.

A safe space for the entire community to celebrate and come together, the bar has a special love for the fetish and kink community. But on any given day or night, no matter who you are, you’ll find tantalizing drinks (strong drinks, might we add) flowing from the bar.

This is the perfect spot for an unforgettable time. We encourage you to let your feet loose to the tune of enticing underground house music while at Trade.

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Denver Sweet

In the heart of downtown Denver, you’ll find Denver Sweet. It’s hard to miss this gem in Lincoln Street as the Pride flag proudly flies outside. Beyond that, it’s instantly recognizable by the beautiful mural painted on the side of the building. Selfies taken at this famous mural easily rank as one of the great free things to do in Denver.

Inspired by the “Bear” sub-culture of the LGBTQIA+ community, the three-leveled bar is perfect for hitting your bar-crawling sweet spot. Sitting right on Capitol Hill, Denver Sweet has a rooftop bar that features some of the best views of Denver.

Denver Sweet blends together epic amounts of fun, great food, nearly every drink known to man, and above all, a vibrant environment and entertaining atmosphere.

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If there’s one spot the LGBTQIA+ millennial community heads to for a fantastic night (or day) out — it’s Triangle. With an ultra-chic interior, it features contemporary designs and plush black leather booths. A massive outdoor patio keeps the crowds outside just as happy as inside.

You’ll find an extensive roster of DJs, a massive sound booth, and laser-, spot-, and strobe lights that bounce to the beats one can expect inside Triangle. The menu features a glorious range of variety, from craft cocktails to farm-to-table snacks. The bar even offers Starbucks coffee options to those who need their caffeine fix.

Another major point for Triangle is its eco-friendly operating ideals. The bar sources locally and only uses sustainable products where possible.

Charlie’s, One of the Oldest Gay Bars in Denver

Everyone has a sexy cowboy fantasy, and if you’re yearning for a stud in cowboy boots dancing to timeless country classics — Charlie’s is the place for you. Designed as a wild-west saloon bar, rest assured, Charlie’s caters to everyone.

In operation for nearly 40 years, Charlie’s remains one of the best gay bars in Denver and is still a highlight on any night out. And if you don’t feel like dancing, false ideas about having two left feet will quickly be shot down. You can even participate in dance classes Wednesday through Saturday.

There is a massive menu that features tantalizing food items from numerous different cuisines. And for the thirst in you, Charlie’s also offers great cowboy-inspired craft cocktails.

Tight End Bar

If there’s one thing we like, it’s some risky wordplay. But gambling on a great night out at Tight End is anything but risky. Marketing itself as “Denver’s only gay sports bar”, this spot is home to every LGBTQIA+ sports lover.

Multiple screens throughout the bar always display one big game or another, and the ‘jock’ clientele of Tight End guarantees fun times. Flowing drinks of all varieties are served from the bar, so you’ll never go thirsty.

Beyond the bar basics one can expect, Tight End hosts a number of different events throughout the week. So bring your friends for some Balls Deep Bingo or Beer Bust Thursdays.

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More Brilliant Gay Clubs in Denver, Colorado

Denver doesn’t just have many spectacular bars to party at. The city is also home to numerous booming nightclubs. These clubs are where fun, pride, and party are the only three goals for anyone aiming to club their nights away in Denver.

X Bar

On North Capitol Hill sits X Bar. Where most other places in the area have a laid back atmosphere, X Bar certainly does not — and that’s what makes it great. Think attractive guys wearing nearly nothing dancing in metal cages while epic pop and pride anthems belt from the speakers.

The club hosts numerous themed live events headlined by famous drag queens, karaoke competitions, and popular LGBTQIA+ DJs. Every weeknight sees a special list of drinks that will keep your night popping.

It’s no wonder that X Bar consistently ranks on every list of best gay bars in Denver.


Those looking for a proper disco throwback set to the background of fun, excitement, vibrancy, and diversity simply have to visit Lucid. Locally it is known as Denver’s Disco Lounge, and that is precisely what you’ll get.

The perfect place to shake your a – no wait, your stress off after a long week, Lucid is ideal for carefree weekends with your friends. The venue does things right with bright neon lights, banging tunes, hot bartenders, and cheap drinks.

Another Capitol Hill hangout, Lucid keeps pride going by being a highlight of the yearly Denver pride month festivities and hosts a number of great parties. As the song goes, “Yes sir, we can boogie.” – at Lucid, that is.

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Tracks Nightclub

What mostly gets left at the door of nightclubs is a prerequisite of this Denver nightlife staple. So check your inhibitions and shirts at the door, as Tracks is one of the ultimate gay clubs in Denver, where you’re sure to get sexy and sweaty.

Any frequenter of Tracks will tell you that the seemingly endless number of 18-year-olds trying to out-vogue each other and the beyond ‘last rounds’ drinks are what makes the club so unique. And they’re right.

The premiere LGBTQIA+ nightclub in Denver is the crown that Tracks wears proudly. Three massive dancefloors, equally massive bars, and half-naked bartenders make it easy to get lost for hours.


Living up to its name, Boyztown is easily a club where you’ll make instant memories. In size, this spot comes in on the smaller side of life — but Boyztown packs a big punch. And lucky for all of us – the bar has kept the stripper poles polished and pristine during the lockdown.

Now that everything seems back to normal, look forward to more awe-inspiring acrobatics and antics at this exciting gay bar in Denver. Oh, and by the way, lap dances are allowed again. We’re just saying.

Add dozens of perfectly sculpted shirtless studs, generous pouring hands at the bar, and pop bangers that shake the floor. It’s pure perfection.

Temple Nightclub

Temple Nightclub is more than just another great LGBTQIA+ club on Capitol Hill. It’s a place of worship made by queer artists for the community. Any night at Temple is based on an extraordinary immersion in gay party culture.

The club has put a lot of effort into its impressive light shows that come as standard practice these days. In short, Temple is a visual and aural experience. Three dance floors, craft cocktails served by shirtless hunks, and performances by DJs from across the world make Temple holy ground.

As a club that is deeply ingrained in Denver LGBTQIA+ culture, Temple is a must for any genuinely gay night out in the city.

Final Thoughts on the Best Gay Bars and Clubs in Denver

Safe spaces in the form of clubs and bars are and will always be a backbone of the LGBTQIA+ community. These bars and clubs are expected to celebrate diversity, pride, and freedom, and the gay clubs and bars in Colorado’s capital, certainly do.

Whether you want a relaxing few drinks with your friends at a bar in downtown Denver or a night spent shirtless hunk-hunting on Capitol Hill, Denver has you covered. Easily filled with an endless amount of great things to do in Denver, one of them is bar crawling or club hopping.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a drink and find a man at the best gay bars and clubs in Denver.

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