Best Hikes in Austria: 10 Hiking Trails You Can’t Miss

Planning to go hiking in Austria? With majestic mountains and landscapes, the country is not short of great hiking trails. See here some of the best hikes in Austria, with locations all over the country.

Let’s talk about the best hikes in Austria? In a country with as much natural beauty as Austria, it comes as no surprise that it is one of the top locations for hiking. With the plunging falls, forests, lakes, glacier-capped alps, and frothing rivers here, it is an amazing place to visit for anyone that wants to enjoy some natural scenery.

You can take car rides or even go on tours around the city, but the best way to enjoy the country is by going out on foot and getting your boots dirty on a hiking trail. 

You get to breathe in the clean Alpine air as you stride across the beautiful hiking trails in Austria. And there are many trails you can visit, but these are some of my personal favorites and the most popular hiking trails in the country.

The Best Hikes in Austria

1- The Eagle Walk

This is a great choice for experienced hikers looking for a fresh hiking adventure. The trail is divided into several stages because it is quite a long distance. This allows hikers to choose a specific portion to hike through based on their hiking expertise and time restrictions.

St Anton am Arlberg is the finishing point of one of the best hikes in Austria: the Eagle Walk

This also allows you to see different terrains depending on which portion of the trail you hike through. You get to see some quaint towns and villages, lovely blue lakes, and some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. 

The route starts from Saint Johann and finishes at Saint Anton am Alberg, although this is liable to change depending on what stage of the hike you choose. Ensure that you conduct proper research about the section you choose because the different stages vary quite dramatically in terms of difficulty and altitude.

2- Lech River Trail

If you are searching for your first long-distance hike, then look no further than this 125-kilometer trail. This Austrian hiking route is pretty famous and it is quite an easy one. Unfortunately, many beginners are easily discouraged because of the distance.

But no matter the level of your hiking experience, you would definitely be able to appreciate the beauty of the sights that you get to experience as you hike along this trail.

There is a lot of great hiking in the Austrian Vorarlberg region, where Lech is located. While there, you can also visit Feldkirch, one of the most important medieval cities in the region.

Lech River, in the Vorarlberg province

3- Stubai Höhenweg 

Now, this is a trail for high-altitude climbers! It is one of the most exciting hiking trails in Austria and it is a great way for you to really put your mountaineering experience to the test. 

This circular hiking route covers quite a long distance, and you should be prepared to go through rough paths with steep ascents. When you get to the top, the beauty of the view alone will make all the effort worth it and you’ll understand why it’s one of the best hikes in Austria.

The kind of scenery you’ll see when hiking in Austria

If you ever need a rest stop or even an overnight stay, there are some mountain huts that you will surely find along the way. Ensure that you check the weather report before going out because any slight changes could make hiking at that altitude very unsafe. 

4- Wildcard Aurach 

Herd of deer seen on a hike in Austria’s Aurach trails

This trail is a great choice if you want to go hiking in Austria as a family. It is not as much of an epic mountain adventure as many of the other trails on this list. But it is the best and safest choice if you will be hiking with family members or young kids and simply want a relaxing yet exciting day in the mountains.

After paying about 9 euros, you get to explore several hectares of mountainous farmlands. As you go higher, you might come across some wildlife including llamas, deer, and even linx. This wild park even has a small petting area where the little ones can get up close to some donkeys and rabbits.

5- Peter Habeler Hike 

This 41-kilometer hike was specially carved out for expert mountaineers. It was named after the Austrian Mountaineer, Peter Habeler, who heroically climbed Mount Everest without oxygen several years ago.

This hiking trail goes up to a pretty high altitude and the ground is quite unstable, which is why you should be pretty experienced before thinking of tackling this hike. You should also bring along a helmet and safety cable as there are some parts in the hike that you would need to cross via Ferrata.

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6- Nock/Art Hiking Trails 

This is a great choice for beginner hikers and generally people that love beautiful aesthetics. It is located in Carinthia and it combines the Alps’ Natural beauty with art and sculptures that reflect the culture of the land. 

Some impressive artwork lies along the hiking trails, sparking alternative perspectives and thought processes in the hikers as they wade through nature.

This trail goes on for about 50 kilometers, with six routes that vary in terms of difficulty from paved and flat paths to steep and challenging ones. The best time of the year to visit these trails is between May and October, so you can really get to enjoy the greenery of this region. 

7- Wachau Valley 

This hiking trail is located in the Lower Austria region and it is very picturesque. It has some amazing sweeping views of the Danube river and graceful terraced vineyards. 

The trail is quite easy and undulating so it is a great choice for a general hiking experience and you can walk through it pretty much any time of the year.

The trail is broken down into about 14 stages, leading right down into forests and very famous wine cellar alleys. 

8- Holl Gorge Trail 

Even though this trail only stretches for about 4 kilometers, it is still recommended for only intermediate or advanced hikers.

At most, you should spend about two hours hiking through and it is a great starting point for you to explore the amazing natural environment on display in the country. 

It is not a great choice for young children and dogs because it is quite a complex route to hike through.

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9- Three Lakes: One of the Most Epic Hikes in Austria 

This is definitely a hiking trail that you should visit in Austria if you are a true enthusiast. It is about the intermediate level and it goes on for about 15 kilometers. 

As you hike through the trail, you will pass by three lakes and enjoy some breathtaking views. These lakes include Lake Lache, Lake Vilsalpsee, and Lake Traualpsee. They all sit very close to each other along the Tannheimer Tal valley.

You should hike through the whole trail in just about five hours, although some people like to spend some more time taking in the exceptional views of the land below them.

This is one of the most memorable and best hiking in Austria. You might also get to see some very rare plant and animal species as well as some of the best scenery in the country.

You can easily reach the base of the Three Lakes hiking trail by car, coming from Bregenz or Lindau in Lake Constance, or Memmingen, in Germany.

10- Hallway Salt Mining Trail 

This trail was originally used for mining salt for over 600 years. Since the 1960s however, the mines have been closed down and the route where the salt used to be transported through has now been turned into an educational hiking trail. So, if you’re looking for a trail with some great history, this is the one. 

The trail comes complete with signage that explains the area’s history and it is very family-friendly. It even has an interactive quiz that always entertains the young ones. Some parts of the trail are better suited for older children.

This hiking trail is located in northern Tyrol and is another great choice for family or group hikes in Austria.

What To Take On Your Hike In Austria

  1. Backpack: Having a spacious backpack will allow you to comfortably pack all the extra supplies and clothing that you might require during your hike. Make sure that your backpack can fit your food and water, as well as a headlamp, first aid kit, and a couple of clothing layers while still being light enough to keep you unencumbered.
  2. Trail runners or hiking shoes: There is almost nothing as essential to a hiker as having a pair of comfortable waterproof hiking boots to ensure your feet stay safe and healthy throughout the hike. Ensure you get the right pair of shoes depending on the trail you’ll be hiking through. 
  3. Hiking socks: Along with those great hiking shoes, you’ll need some socks to help keep your feet warm and comfortable, especially in harsh climates and rough trails.
  4. Windbreaker or rain jacket: Keeping a rain jacket handy is never a bad decision as you don’t want to be surprised by rain showers in the middle of your hike. 
  5. Headlamp: Whether or not you anticipate that you would still be out hiking at night, it is best to come prepared with a headlamp so you can easily see and navigate through the trail. There’s almost no excuse as to why you shouldn’t have one as they are quite small and also inexpensive.
  6. Hydration reservoir or water bottle: Bringing enough water to last you throughout your hike might be the best advice I can give you. Without exaggerating anything, this could be the difference between you falling in love with hiking and choosing to never step on another trail again. Your choice!
  7. Crampons or microspikes: If you plan to hike during the winter, in either snowy or icy conditions, you should attach these traction devices to avoid slipping.

Hiking in Austria is surely going to give you a ton of great memories. As you stroll through the craggy peaks and alpine meadows, gaze at the crashing waterfalls, and visit beautiful nature reserves, you will get a first-hand experience of why this country is one of the most picturesque in the world.

Be sure to prepare adequately and have an amazing time on any of the trails that you choose!

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There are countless places for great hikes in Austria. Hopefully, you’ve been enticed to try some of these Austrian hiking trails!


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