Sofia Airport To The City Centre: All Transport Options 2023

Here you’ll find full details on how to get from Sofia Airport to the city centre, including taxi, public transport and private transfers.

Sofia is one of the most underrated European capitals. Its city center is filled with grand historic buildings, beautiful churches, nice cafes and good restaurants.

That said, the city is often used as a gateway to the Black Sea beaches in summer, or the ski resorts in the winter months. Whether you’re spending a few days in the city or just one night before heading elsewhere, see below all you need to know about your arrival at Sofia Airport and getting to your city centre hotel.

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About Sofia International Airport

Sofia International Airport is located around 10km (6.2 miles) from the city center. Despite being the largest airport in Bulgaria and having two terminals, it is quite small and easy to navigate.

As you land, you can use the free wifi, which works everywhere on the airport premises. If you want to have data during your journey and you’re not arriving from an EU country, you’ll have to pay roaming charges. To avoid that, you may want to buy a Bulgarian eSIM, so you have data during your journey and your trip. Check your Bulgarian eSIM options here.

Sofia Airport Terminal 2 with the city bus and the airport shuttle right behind

At Terminal 1, you’ll have to go through passport control with immigration agents. At Terminal 2, there are eight electronic passport control desks available for adult EU nationals using a biometric passport.

After clearing immigration, you will go through the baggage claim area, and after that, you will see the exit gates and get to the arrivals hall.

There are a couple of small cafes at the airport, both in the arrivals and departure halls. There are also COVID labs in the airport’s departure hall, near the check-in desks.

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Money Exchange and ATMs at Sofia Airport

There are a couple of ATMs at Sofia Airport’s two terminals. They are located both in the arrivals and departure halls. Some of the ATMs at Sofia International Airport offer Bulgarian lev and euros. Mind you, when withdrawing euros, the exchange rate will be quite unfavourable.

An alternative to ATMs at Sofia Airport would be using a money exchange bureau. As with all airports around the world, changing money here is also not a great idea. You’re better off changing money in the city centre.

How To Get From Sofia Airport To The City Centre

When considering how to get from Sofia airport to Sofia city centre, you’ll see there are many options to choose from.

The most convenient way to get from Sofia airport to the city is by private transfer costing from 24 euros one way. The cheapest way is by taking the metro at 1.60 Bulgarian lev (0.82 euros). There are several other options that you’ll see below.

This is especially true if you arrive late at night or in the early hours. I will be updating this as soon as all airport transport services resume. But for now, here is how to get from Sofia airport to city.

Sofia Airport Taxi

Like many other airports around the world, there will be some taxi drivers offering to take you to the city as soon as you get into the arrivals hall. These are unlicensed drivers and many of them are just waiting to scam a tourist.

At Terminal 2, the desk for the licensed taxi from Sofia Airport to Central Sofia is this yellow one

There’s only one taxi company that is licensed to operate at the airport. It’s called OK Supertrans (ОК Супертранс, in Bulgarian). Their cars are modern and many of the drivers speak English – not all of them.

At Terminal 1, their office is located to the right of the arrivals gate, next to the car rental desks. At Terminal 2, the OK Supertrans taxi desk is right opposite the arrivals hall gate.

The price of the taxi from Sofia airport to the city center is around 20 Bulgarian lev (roughly 10.50 euros). But it can vary a lot depending on where your accommodation is since it’s metered. They only accept Bulgarian lev, so make sure to have some with you.

Sofia Airport Transfer

To save me time and avoid any hassle, you can book a private transfer from Sofia airport to the city. This option is all about convenience. You’ll book and pay for it online, so there’s no need to worry about having Bulgarian lev when you land.

When you go through the arrivals hall gate, your driver will be waiting for you, holding a sign with your name on it. So you’ll go straight to your car and on your way to the city.

It is not the cheapest way to travel to the city centre from Sofia airport, but it is very convenient – and that’s what you’re paying for. You can book your airport transfer directly with your hotel, which will charge you extra for the service, or book it online.

Several companies offer this service and this is one of my favourites. But I have listed below other reliable companies offering transfers from Sofia Airport.

Sofia Airport transfer with GetYourGuide: from 24EUR

Economy Sofia Airport transfer to the city center: from 29EUR in a Toyota Corolla or similar.

Bus From Sofia Airport To The City Centre

Three bus lines are serving Sofia airport: E84, E184 and 384. You can buy bus tickets from the Urban Mobility kiosks or the ticket vending machines at both terminals. You’ll have to pay in Bulgarian lev. The Sofia airport bus ticket costs 1.60 Bulgarian lev.

The bus schedule at Sofia airport is from 5:20am to 11:16pm. It runs every 40 minutes until 8am and after that, it’s roughly every 30 minutes.

Underground Metro From Sofia Airport To Sofia City

If you want to get from Sofia airport to Sofia city centre without paying a lot, this is definitely the best way to make this journey. The city metro system is a bit old, but it’s reliable, runs frequently and is convenient.

The metro station is located outside Terminal 2. If your flight arrives at Terminal 1, you’ll have to take the airport shuttle bus to get there.

As you come out of Terminal 2, just turn left and you’ll see the metro station 50 metres down the road. The station is small, modern and very clean.

The metro is the cheapest way to get from Sofia Airport to the city

To buy your metro ticket to the city, you can go to the till and pay for it in Bulgarian lev, or use one of the vending machines. Note that one of them accepts credit cards, so make sure you’re using that one if you don’t have cash on you.

There are several stations until you get to the city centre. The city’s main metro station is called Serdika Station. The journey from the airport will take around 35 minutes. Make sure you know already where your accommodation is located, so you can get off at the nearest station and don’t have too long to walk.

If you’re going to the Central Train Station, you’ll have to change to the blue line at Serdika Station, direction Obelya. The train station is the second stop from there.

The metro from Sofia Airport operates from 5:24am to 11:16pm

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Accommodation In Sofia

There is a wide range of accommodation in Sofia, I highly recommend staying somewhere in the city centre. That way, you won’t have to spend time stuck in traffic or on the metro. You’ll also gave the more obvious convenience of being close to the main tourist attractions and restaurants.

These are my top picks of places to stay in Sofia:

Intercontinental Sofia

Located on a small square close to the famous Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and other attractions, this 5-star hotel is modern and has two restaurants. The rooms are stylish and functional, and some of them have great views over Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Intercontinental Sofia‘s location is one of the best in the city, close to Sofia’s top tourist attractions, bars and nightlife. The staff is very helpful and friendly, and the service is really 5-star. Room rates start at 180 euros per night. The hotel is rated 9.2/10 by guests.

Check prices and availability on

Rosslyn Thracia Hotel Sofia

Rosslyn Thracia Hotel Sofia is a 4-star hotel with great guest ratings located right in the city centre.  The rooms have a modern classic decor and are very spacious, with beautiful bathrooms. Most of them have a good-sized working desk.

It is close to Vitosha Boulevard, with its many bars, restaurants and cafes. Room rates start at 84 euros per night. The hotel is rated 8.8/10 by guests. For its location alone, it’s rated 9.5/10.

Check rates and availability on

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What’s the distance from Sofia Airport to the city centre?

The distance between the airport and the city centre is 10 kilometers (6.2 miles)

2- How much is a taxi from Sofia Airport to the city centre?

The taxi fare from Sofia Airport to the city costs around 20 Bulgarian lev. It can be slightly more since it’s metered and not a fixed price.

3- Is Uber working in Sofia?

No, Uber does not operate in Bulgaria.

4- Is there free wifi at Sofia airport?

Yes, there is free wifi at the airport and you just have to accept the T&C. No phone or email registration is necessary.

5- Do I have to pay roaming charges in Bulgaria?

If you have a SIM card from any country in the European Union, you will have free roaming while in Bulgaria. If you don’t have it, you’ll have to pay roaming charges if you use your phone carrier. You can either buy a Bulgarian SIM card at a shop to stay connected or buy an eSIM online.

6- What is the fastest way to get from Sofia Airport to Sofia?

The fastest way is by taking a private transfer. It’ll take around 15-20 minutes.

7- What’s the timetable for the Sofia Airport metro trains?

The metro trains from Sofia airport to the city run from 5:24am to 11:16pm

I hope you found the information above useful and that you could choose the transport option from Sofia Airport to the city centre that suits you best.

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