5 Differences Between The US and The UK


If you are moving from the US to the UK for studies, a job, or for the love of Victorian living style, you might have thought that it would be quite a pretty simple transition. Or that there are not many differences between the US and the UK.

You may think that the shared language and heritage will make things easier. Or that you only need to learn British slangs and hire the right international removals USA to UK to make your transition smooth, and then everything else will be a piece of cake. Well, actually not!

The UK is unlike anything like America. It is not only about the difference between the side of the road for driving, fancy English accents, or sophisticated people. There are way more differences that make Britain less of a second home. The UK is different from America in every possible way.

So, let’s see the differences between the UK and the USA to find out what makes the UK worth moving to.

Differences Between The US and The UK

The Train System is Awesome

Brits have many things to be proud of, but their rail system is one thing they don’t consider worth feeling proud of. That’s the first big difference between the UK and the US: while in America you have expensive, slow and not-so-good trains, in the UK the system is fast, reliable and good. Pricey, yes, otherwise it’d be too perfect.

The extensive and reliable railway system is an important difference between the UK and the US

You can literally travel from one part of the country to another without thinking you will never travel on the train again. You will be pretty comfortable and happy choosing a train for traveling.

You can travel by train pretty much all over the UK. Also, the London train and subway system is among the best in the world.

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More Labor Rights in The UK

Brit’s love for humanity and the British government’s care for their working class is really admirable. You can enter a store and find a check-out employee sitting comfortably and doing the job without any delays or hurdles.

That’s another difference between the USA and the UK: this is impossible to witness in America, where employees at grocery stores are always on their feet.

Moreover, employees get to enjoy their off-time generously. Being an employee doesn’t mean any sigh of relief. As compared to America, Brits get 28 paid days off by law. Yes, it is their legal right.

Some employers also give 9 Bank Holidays (wow, imagine!). Besides that, sick and maternity leaves are other than 28 days off. It might be difficult for some people to do counting here.

That’s why the American government has made things easier for you. You just get 10 paid days off in America that you can count on your fingers easily.

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Money Saving Ideas

One thing you will realize is that the corporate sector in the UK is not too cruel. Most of them are not working to rip Brits off their hard-earned money. So, you can find a washing machine and dryer as a combo unit.

In this way, you can save your money from spending it on two separate machines. However, you find washing machines and a dryer as separate units in the USA because the American corporate system knows how to earn money.

Energy Saving Mode

You might find it not worth giving importance, but it defines the mindset of Brits: they give importance to saving energy reserves. Yes, they have surrounded their lifestyle around energy saving.

That’s why each plug has a switch you can turn off to save energy when not in use. The UK is not stopping here. They are finding innovative ways to save energy when not in use.

However, the US sockets mostly have open plugs with no switches. This is not only dangerous for kids but also wastes energy.

Free Public Health Care

Any American moving to Britain will find this point the most important one and you can understand their happiness unless you have spent your life paying for insurance.

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In America, you need insurance if you don’t want to get bankrupt after an accident. But monthly paying a chunk of your insurance salary is a trauma. So, when you discover that public healthcare is free in the UK, you feel like dancing.

That means you can see a doctor or have a hospital operation in London or anywhere in the country without ever touching your wallet.

Differences Between US and UK: Conclusion

Moving to another country is difficult because it is a 360-degree change in your life, culture shock, learning new things, and forgoing older. And this stands true for an American moving to Britain.

Unlike popular perception, there are some huge differences between the UK and the USA lifestyle. Better prepare yourself beforehand to be sure of these differences to avoid any mishaps or finding difficulty in adjustment. Happy moving!

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