The Best Tourist Spots in Bohol That You Can’t Miss


Discover some of the top Bohol tourist spots and the island’s best tourist attractions and understand why Bohol is among the most popular in the Philippines.


Bohol is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Philippines. Considering that it’s a fairly compact island, there’s an abundance of great tourist spots in Bohol, no matter if you’re into beaches, adventure, relaxation or a mix of all these.

Tourists usually link the island to the famous Chocolate Hills, which are among the top Bohol attractions. Bohol is also home to some of the top hotels in the Philippines.

Best Tourist Spots in Bohol, Philippines

1- Alona Beach, The Best Beach in Bohol

Alona Beach is among the best beaches and top tourist spots in Bohol

If there is one beach you must visit in Bohol, that would be Alona Beach. Located on the southern edge of Panglao, Alona is considered one of the best beaches in Bohol.

With fine white sand, dotted by tall palm trees and with restaurants and bars aplenty, it’s easy to see why it ranks so high. Alona Beach is also a great place for water activities. The beach is great for swimming and if you want to go snorkeling or diving, there are many tours available to take you to the best spots to see the rich marine life.

Some of the best accommodation in Bohol is located on or near Alona Beach.

2- Chocolate Hills, The Most Famous Tourist Spot in Bohol

Chocolate Hills are the most famous Bohol tourist attraction

No trip to the island is complete without a visit to the Chocolate Hills, the most famous tourist spot in Bohol. Comprising almost 1800 hills in different sizes and shapes, they make for an amazing sight that shouldn’t be out of your Philippines itinerary.

The hills are green during the wet months and from the distance, its vegetation seems to have a velvety texture. The hills gradually change color and during the dry months turn brown – hence their name.

Visiting this famous Bohol tourist spot is easy, as there are many island tours that include a visit to the main platform from where you can have great views of the hills. Another way to see them is by taking an ATV tour through the hills themselves. This would normally be a full-day tour, whereas the first option would be a quick visit combined with other tourist spots in Bohol.

3- Tarsier Sanctuary, A Cool Bohol Tourist Spot

The Tarsier Sanctuary is one of the best tourist attractions in Bohol

Tarsiers are the smallest primates in the world and among the cutest, as well. These tiny creatures with giant eyes can be seen in many spots in Bohol, but the best place to see them is at the Tarsier Sanctuary.

The sanctuary has a small forest with walkways to allow visitors to see the small tarsiers hidden among the foliage. Apart from Bohol, the Philippine tarsier can be found on the islands of Leyte and Samar.

When visiting this popular Bohol tourist spot, it’s important to be very quiet, since the tarsiers can have a heart attack if they hear loud noises.

4- Loboc River, A Must Visit Tourist Spot

Loboc River is one of the natural wonders of Bohol. The best way to experience it is by going on a river cruise. The river bed is covered in lush tropical vegetation, making it a very scenic place that inspires calm and tranquility.

The river cruise can take around two hours and goes along the river, stopping at small villages. On the boat, there is usually food and soft drinks included in the package. There are also local arts groups singing traditional songs.

At one of the stops, tourists can also take part in some of the traditional dance challenges, making the experience fun and social.

5- Dumaluan Beach, Among The Best Beaches in Bohol

Dumaluan Beach, just like Alona, is another beautiful white sand beach in Bohol. But unlike Alona, Dumaluan is a quiet place with hardly any tourists.

Dumaluan Beach is located close to the main tourist area, just a 10-minute drive away and it feels like worlds apart. Staying here will also cost you a fraction of what you’ll pay in Alona or other more famous beaches.

Here you can swim in crystal-clear water, enjoy the quiet vibe and sunbathe surrounded by some of the most beautiful sceneries on the island. No wonder Dumaluan is considered one of the best beaches in Bohol.

There are many amazing tourist spots in Bohol, these are only some of the top ones. But the island has many other amazing tourist attractions to keep you busy for a few days, including several waterfalls, beaches and historic sites.


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